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Jamie's Certifications:

Titleist Performance Institute, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Level 3

Total Golf Performance Team Services

Overall improvement of the golf game often takes a team effort. Bear Creek Country Club offers every piece of the "golf improvement puzzle", Professional Golf Instructor: JD Cline, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor: Jamie Schumacher, Massage Therapist: Nina Schumacher, and Pilates Instructor: Lexie Babbitt all under one roof!

Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) Instruction

With TPI, players are put through a complete array of tests, in order to assess the "total picture" of the body, swing and equipment. Upon completion of the testing, the results are sent to for evaluation and immediate diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is received, Jamie, a Certified Level 3 TPI Golf Fitness Instructor and the athlete discuss the results and necessary course of correction. After this has been discussed, Jamie will tailor a program for the golfer to follow for the next 4-12 weeks. It is highly recommended to spend at least 1-3 hours a week working with the Jamie. After a pre-determined amount of time, the athlete is reassessed to gauge their progress in the program. More...
TPI Program Pricing

Golf Professional

Golfer's are encouraged to work with a golf professional that uses 3-D motion capture technology to assess the athlete's swing pattern. The golf pro and the CGFI work as a team to make the athlete an overall better golfer! J.D. Cline, the golf professional at Bear Creek Country Club, owns and operates the Taylor Made M.A.T.T. system that utilizes this technology.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has long been proven to help golfers alleviate the pain associated with tight and sore muscles. It has also been shown to reduce stress and tension. As a result, the athlete not only feels better, but plays better! Nina Schumacher, LMP, owns and operates her business at Bear Creek Country Club, as well.
For more information contact Nina Schumacher at (425) 577-8683.

Pilates Instructor

For Pilates call Lexie Babbit at (206) 919-6405.

Personal Training With Jamie

Jamie is a certified personal trainer with 15 years of experience who offers Personal Training Programs. Please click on the Schedule Now for more information on pricing and schedualing your first appointment with Jamie.
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Bone-A-Fide Boot Camp

It is a four week, indoor/outdoor, fitness program, taught by a Certified Personal Trainer for Men and Women! Yes the classes are now coed. This class is designed to achieve goals associated with weight/fat loss, strength and endurance gains, improved cardiovascular fitness and increased coordination/flexibility. This is achieved through the use of body weight, free weights, resistance tubes, jump ropes, obstacle courses, outdoors activity (weather permitting), etc.